Individualized treatment for those seeking a private luxurious setting


Individualized treatment for those seeking a private luxurious setting



Located on the beautiful and sunny hills of Encino California, providing dual diagnosis treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions, Altus Rehab provides top tier luxury detox and residential treatment accommodations.

Elevate Your Recovery Experience with Altus Rehab

Altus Rehab is a luxury detox and addiction treatment residential center. We offer customized solutions to drug and alcohol addiction problems. We are conveniently located in a private and secluded area of Encino, California. At our addiction treatment center, we strive to help everyone that comes here find long-term and sustainable solutions to their addition problems.

Altus Rehab offers a dedicated and skilled team that provides round-the-clock care. Our team features therapists with master’s degrees, case managers, and facilitators for both individual and group practices with holistic and experiential therapies. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your unique needs are fully catered to during the whole time of your recovery process.

Here, at Altus Rehab, our mission is simple – to offer a safe detoxification and stabilization process with personalized care and within a luxurious environment.

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What Makes Altus Rehab Different

Altus Rehab is the best addiction treatment center for adults with alcohol and drug addiction.

Our luxury addiction treatment center plays a vital role in helping people overcome their addiction issues and reclaim their lives. We offer extensive care and treatment, our rehabilitation facility equips people with the necessary resources to conquer addiction and mental health challenges, paving the way for a sober and rewarding existence.

The services offered at Altus Rehab include both individual and group behavioral therapy, intravenous detoxifications, and treatments assisted by medications. Furthermore, our recovery center enhances the healing journey with amenities and activities designed for comfort and enjoyment, including gourmet dining options and recreational facilities.

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Services and Resources

Medication Assisted Detoxification

Our team of medical experts are trained in utilizing the best available practices to minimize discomfort and expedite wellness

Residential Treatment

We specialize in a wide range of clinical approaches and evidence-based treatment modalities

Mental Health Care

Our team works collaboratively to address individualized mental health concern while ensuring clients maintain an active role in their holistic recovery

Individual, Group and Family Services

Recovery is not a solitary endeavor, Utilizing systems theories our program provides Group, couple and family services while treating the individual

Holistic Services and Luxury Amenities

Individualized care focusing on the interaction between mind, body and spirit in a luxurious tranquil setting

Alumni Suppport

A dynamic recovery only begins in treatment, Our Alumni program provides continued support along the recovery journey

Our Philosophy

Here at Altus Rehab, we believe in reshaping the way treatment is done. We apply the patient centered care style of treatment that focuses on connecting with each individual client and involving them directly in their plan of care.  We strongly believe that having a therapeutic and tranquil environment that provides peace is an important part of fully utilizing this immersive program. 

We remove the distractions and obstacles that exist in day-to-day tasks, while providing a beautifully luxurious environment, so you can focus on healing and learning the tools and skills necessary to build a life free from substance abuse.  Research has shown that our physical environment can aid in the reduction of stress, which in turn has a major impact on our bodies ability to heal.  

What we are perceiving in our environment does not only affect our mood but has direct influences on our nervous, endocrine and immune system.  When paired with nature therapy, exercise and nutritional interventions can help facilitate the physical and psychological healing that occur during treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you treat?

We treat drug and alcohol addictions as well as co-occurring disorders. A full list of our service can be found here. 

Who is going to treat me?

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals represent the best of their disciplines within the fields of addiction, medicine, bodywork, and mental health treatment. You can learn more by visiting the Meet Our Staff page.

What insurance do you accept?

We work with many types of insurance and it’s likely that we accept yours. Please contact us to receive detailed insurance information and costs.

How long do I have to stay?

We offer 30-45 day inpatient treatment programs. The length of stay is often dependent on the patient and their needs.

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