Mission & Philosophy

Located on the beautiful and sunny hills of Encino California, providing dual diagnosis treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions, Altus Rehab provides top tier luxury detox and residential treatment accommodations for our clients.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Altus is to provide a progressive approach to detox and residential treatment that utilizes the most up to date research and evidence based practice while maintaining client dignity and autonomy. 

Our Philosophy:

At Altus we believe in providing the best for our clients, combining the most up to date treatment with both compassionate and holistic care.  Our non 12 step based approach focuses on providing individualized care based on personalized client needs.  

We believe in reshaping the way treatment is done, moving away from militant, controlling and punitive models of care and moving toward a more compassionate, empathetic care model that prioritizes individualized needs.  Our Non punitive patient centered care style of treatment focuses on connecting with each individual client and involving them directly in their plan of care.  We believe here at Altus that having a therapeutic and tranquil environment that provides peace is an important part of fully utilizing this immersive program. We remove the distractions and obstacles that exist in day-to-day tasks, while providing a beautifully luxurious environment, so you can focus on healing and learning the tools and skills necessary to build a life free from substance abuse.  Research has shown that our physical environment can aid in the reduction of stress, which in turn has a major impact on our bodies ability to heal.  What we are perceiving in our environment does not only affect our mood but has direct influences on our nervous, endocrine and immune system.  When paired with nature therapy, exercise and nutritional interventions can help facilitate the physical and psychological healing that occur during treatment.  

Here at Altus Rehab we begin implementing these tools and skills, providing a diverse and reliable routine that our client carry on after treatment to maintain sobriety, prevent relapse, managing mental health and inspiring higher self esteem. 

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