Residential Treatment

Altus Rehab is a premiere luxury rehabilitation center located in Encino, CA in Northern Los Angeles County. Our program was created to drive long-term addiction recovery success outcomes. At Altus, you will get started on the path to recovery and we’ll help you stay on track each step of the way. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will offer you the guidance and support you need to recover. We offer a truly unique experience by combining the latest advances in evidence based clinical and medical care. Our practitioners specialize in a wide range of clinical approaches by embracing science-based treatment along with changing and improving therapy modalities.

Inpatient drug rehab is sometimes called residential care. Residential Rehab is one of the most effective options for treatment, and it can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning).Those who enter into Altus Rehab’s residential treatment program will have the opportunity to heal in a beautiful and tranquil setting, in a state-of-the-art facility. At our centers, patients can expect a structured schedule with wakeup, medications (when prescribed), meals, classes, support groups, individual therapy, plus some free time for socializing, recreation, and meditation.

Group, Individual, and Family Support

Group and Individual therapy are both crucial to having a successful recovery. The goal of our therapies is to allow you to heal from your hurts, break your habits, and embrace a new way of living that fosters fulfillment, happy relationships, financial success, and personal satisfaction. In addition to attending to the individual’s therapeutic needs, at Altus we believe that addiction is truly a family disease. At Altus we believe the recovery process must involve the entire family as well. Here at Altus, we work closely with the family members of each of our clients, providing them with support, insight and guidance.

Mental Health Care

Our trauma-responsive therapy team works collaboratively with clients to create transformational change, to manage expectations and goals, ensuring clients have an active role in their recovery and know what to expect throughout the process. Our team is highly skilled to identify barriers to successful outcomes.At Altus we have found that Individuals who are suffering from the symptoms of undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorders often turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medication. In response to this evidence, Alta’s specialized team has a trauma-responsive focus on training and has expertise in treating trauma, adverse childhood experiences, substance use issues, family and couple conflict, relational issues, grief and loss and other mental health concerns.

Access to Amenities for Fitness and Health

Our Encino location also includes state of the art recreation facilities. When paired with other types of treatment, exercise can prevent relapse by providing a reliable routine, filling spare time, managing mental health and inspiring higher self-esteem. We have developed a specialized Nutrition Therapy program designed to help clients learn how to take care of their physical bodies.

Understanding the interaction between mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment is the key to our Non Medical Detoxification Program

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