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Services and Amenities

Medication Assisted Detoxification

Our team of medical experts are trained in utilizing the best available practices to minimize discomfort and expedite wellness

Residential Treatment

We specialize in a wide range of clinical approaches and evidence-based treatment modalities

Mental Health Care

Our team works collaboratively to address individualized mental health concern while ensuring clients maintain an active role in their holistic recovery

Individual, Group and Family Services

Recovery is not a solitary endeavor, Utilizing systems theories our program provides Group, couple and family services while treating the individual

Holistic Services and Luxury Amenities

Individualized care focusing on the interaction between mind, body and spirit in a luxurious tranquil setting

Alumni Suppport

A dynamic recovery only begins in treatment, Our Alumni program provides continued support along the recovery journey
Our Committment to You:

Our Commitment to You:

• We prioritize a safe space for recovery.
• Each journey is unique, and we respect yours.
• Our team of treatment specialists have a trauma-responsive focus on training, and have expertise in treating trauma along with other mental health concerns.

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